The Shawnee Challenge

Welcome to The Shawnee Challenge!

The Shawnee Challenge is a self-supported, no time limit-based adventure challenging using the disciplines of hiking and mountain biking to challenge participants for completion while also showing off some of the beauty of the Shawnee National Forest and southern Illinois.

The Shawnee Challenge consists of a hike+mountain bike ride or a hike+hike/bike+bike adventure, which is up to the participant. The hiking and mountain biking adventures are located at Lake Glendale and Dixon Springs State Park using the newly designated hiking and mountain biking trails.

Participants complete the challenge if they:

  • Hike half and bike half
  • Hike the full route
  • Bike the full route

These are the routes (Lake Glendale and Dixon Springs State Park):

The Long Route is the FULL ROUTE of the the challenge. Do 6 miles of hiking, 6 miles of biking or you can hike the full 12 or bike the full 12. There are two trailheads, one at Lake Glendale, one at Dixon Springs State Park. Choose to hike/bike from any one of the two and at your own pace with no time limit!

You will have to use an application that records your GPS-tract while performing the challenge. The application must have a feature that allows you to share a public-link so that we can see you completed the challenge. Strava is a good example of this.

Remember, you can do one route one day and another route another day. If you want to wait a year in between to do both routes, you can do that too! But of you want to be the Fastest Known Time participant, that’s up to you as well. Please see our Safety Tips page for information on safety! Safety first, folks!

These trails have recently been designated as hiking and mountain biking trails and we want to celebrate that by putting this challenge out there. More is in the works for this challenge including an equestrian and paddling addition. The Shawnee Forest Country is an amazing place and we hope you enjoy it even more with this challenge!

The challenge is FREE to everyone! There is no time limit or end date! The challenge is completely self-supported! Those who complete the challenge are awarded with a FREE sticker and a spot on our Bluffage Wall of Fame here on the website.

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The Shawnee Challenge is an effort created in part by:

Hiking with Shawn
Southernmost Illinois

In Partnership With…

US Forest Service